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Fitness is about more than losing weight or building muscle.
Fitness is a journey - a journey from where we are to where we want to be.
But this path of self-improvement is not meant to be walked alone.

This is why the Inner Circle family has chosen to focus its efforts on elements of community, purposefully crafting an experience that is intimate and authentic rather than one that is noisy, disorienting, or bent on “making the sale”.

Originally set right in the very heart of downtown Wellington, Inner Circle Personal Fitness occupied two small rooms of an old bird seed factory. Founded by lifetime local Joe Bockmore, it was a fitness experience made for the people of Wellington by the people of Wellington.

Even as it has expanded to a flagship location just down the street from those original factory rooms, the Inner Circle experience has not strayed from its original goal of achieving real results through genuine community.

The Inner Circle brand is now home to members of all ages, featuring a diverse range of programs alongside a team of instructors, trainers and regular class schedules focused on bringing people together and supporting ambitious fitness goals. The Circle is growing every day, and there’s always room for more!

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