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Meet our instructors


Joe Bockmore

Owner/Personal Trainer

Joe opened Inner Circle Personal Fitness in July 2010 after graduating from Edinboro University with a degree in Sports Administration with a minor in Coaching. Joe wrestled in high school and college and continues to train and run youth wrestling programs. He is ACE Personal Training certified, ACE Orthopedic Exercise certified, and USAWL Olympic Lifting certified. 

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Text: 440-261-4275



Jennifer Kazmierczak 

Spin Instructor

I am Jen Kazmierczak. I am a MADD DOGG SPINNING INSTRUCTOR. I teach according to the MADD DOGG ATHLETICS certification. I have led classes in four different facilities before- Medina, Brunswick, Wooster, and Oberlin. I have a passion for cycling. I enjoy riding outside as well as indoors. I love teaching people. I have helped riders maintain good form, motivated them to keep going during intense workouts, taught students about maintaining good active heart rates, cues students to drink water and also reminded students to incorporate breathing. I also used different styles of music to connect the ride. I have been teaching for ten years.


Julie Bockmore

Spin Instructor


Tessa Owen

Trapeze Yoga/Senior Fitness Instructor

I first tried yoga in 2016 while working out a lot to stretch out my muscles and increase my range of motion. I remember being sore after my first class and noting that it was at least a good workout, but after my 3rd class, I was in love with yoga. I left each yoga session with a sense of peace and calmness that carried with me through each week and made me look forward to my next weekly session. After the yoga studio I was attending closed, I searched for another nearby studio, but was unable to find one due to my rural home location. I missed the serenity that yoga brought me, so I kept searching, and found a studio in Columbia Station that offered yoga teacher training that started up again in a week. I was so excited to learn all about yoga, the correct body alignments and poses so I could do yoga properly and get the most out of it! I completed the 8-month, 200-hour level teacher training at Bhumi’s Yoga and Wellness Center in October 2017, and I learned that beyond healing stretching and strengthening exercise, yoga can be a method of finding peace that one can carry with them through their whole lives. I hope to share this love of yoga with my community. Simply Yoga’s mission is to provide traveling yoga services that promote health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul to our community in any setting.


Valerie Borzy

Fighting Shape Instructor

kendra zumba.jpg

Kendra Nicholas

Zumba Instructor

She attended her first Zumba class in 2007, and instantly fell in love with it! She became a Zumba instructor and started teaching Zumba in 2008. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking with her husband and two dogs, fishing, and spending time with her family.


Jason Arnold

Group Circuit Instructor

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Phone: 254-833-2150

dave brattoli.jpg

David Brattoli

Fighting Shape Instructor

Well rounded and experienced in many facets of the Martial Arts. David is definitely an individual on the upper end of the happy scale. Always an easy smile and a good word.

• 7th Degree Black Belt American Ji Do Kwan Karate
• 3rd Degree Black Belt Ji Do Kwan Kong Su Do
• 2nd Degree Black Belt Su Chi Kung Fu
• 3rd Degree Black Belt Ju-Jitsu
• 2nd Kyu Brown Belt Judo
1st degree Serrada Eskrido
Date Started Martial Arts: July 1973

jess cropped.jpg

Jessica Mullet

Personal Trainer

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Phone: 330-391-8754

nicole arnold.jpg

Nicole Arnold

Personal Trainer

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Phone: 440-478-9255


Mike Gill

Spin Instructor


Danielle Gayheart

Personal Trainer

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Phone: 440-328-5316