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8 Week Body Composition Challenge


WHAT: Start the new year off on the right track! Join us on a 8 Week Body Composition Challenge to transform ourselves into the best shape and better health for the new year! –The best way to make the new year productive is by accomplishing a short term goal early to create momentum!

WHEN: Starts on January 8-10, 2023 and will end 8 weeks after initial scan on March 5-7th, 2023.

WHO: Open to anyone 18yrs and over!

HOW: We will be utilizing the Inbody 570 Body Composition Analyzer to get an accurate data of each individual’s body composition. The challenge will require 2 scans –1st scan will be done from Jan 8th to Jan 10th and a final scan at the end of the 8 week challenge from March 5th-7th. Both scans are by appointment only. Individuals may get additional scans anytime during the challenge for a progress report (additional scan fee apply).

WHY: To get into a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals the right way. PLUS, top participants with the most improved body compositions get a prize! (Top 2 Male / Top 2 Female and overall Class Specific)

*The InBody Challenge scoring system is designed to provide participants with an easy way of tracking changes in body composition over time and reward them for making positive changes. Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, the goal of this competition system is to reward individuals who improve their overall body composition by increasing their muscle mass and/or losing overall fat mass. The scoring system is devised to make the competition fair to all participants. By assessment of the amount of change (in lean or fat) in comparison to their starting level, this will allow all participants to be judged in a consistent fashion.

Entry and Eligibility

1. To enter, you must register for your InBody scan at or by visiting us during our office hours. Scans are by appointment only and must be done from Jan 8th-10, 2023 for the initial assessment and from March 5-7, 2023 for the final assessment. On the day of the initial scan, you must submit a signed copy of our General Participant and Release Agreement, along with a registration fee from the following options:

Option 1: Member Registration - 2 Inbody Scans ($50)

Option 2: Non-Member Registration - 2 Inbody Scans ($75)

Option 3: New Member Registration – 2 Inbody Scans ($75) + Discounted Month to Month Membership ($35 + tax per month)

2. Weigh-In
CAUTION: Do not test if you are pregnant, menstruating, or have medical implants such as pacemakers or other life-sustaining medical implants.

The InBody unit uses safe, low-level electrical currents during your InBody Test. However, to ensure your comfort and the result accuracy, please avoid taking an InBody Test if you meet these criteria.

WHAT TO WEAR: Your bare hands and feet need to touch the InBody unit's electrodes, and your weight needs to be accurately measured to ensure accurate results. Therefore, please avoid wearing stockings, lotion, heavy articles of clothing, metal accessories, and any other items that will hinder direct contact with the electrodes or cause inaccuracies in your weight measurement.


- Drink plenty of water the day before
- Stand upright for at least 5 minutes
- Use the bathroom
- Remove all metal objects (jewelry, watches, belts, etc.), socks, pantyhose, shoes, and heavy articles of clothing

-Avoid eating or exercising for at least 3 hours prior
- Do not consume alcohol or caffeine for at least 24 hours - Avoid the use of a sauna
- Do not apply lotion/ointment on your hands and feet.

3. Winners/Prizes

To win, you must meet the prior listed entry eligibility items. You must also use the same height measurement during the initial and final weigh-in.

The participant(s) with the most positive change in lean mass according to data and analyses provided by the InBody 570 will be determined the winner.

Top Male and Top Female
1st Place – One Year Gym Membership
2nd Place – Six Month Gym Membership
Overall Class Specific Winner (Male or Female) – One month subscription to that specific class.

4. Additional Perks

Participants have a 15% off incentive for any supplement products during the duration of the challenge.

Participants may utilize the InBody 570 during the 8 week challenge to track progress along the way. Additional scans for $25

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